Children's Yoga -  If you are interested in booking Liz for your school, contact her today at 


YOGI TOTS - 30 MIN ($45/one class, $35/multiple classes)

Yogi tots are children ages 2 & 3.  Classes have a quick pace for the young heart and are interactive and fun!  Children are encouraged to express themselves through imagination and play.  We sing songs, take adventures, tell stories, and play games while doing yoga poses and breathing. Classes often include an art project or guided meditation at the end as well as the Longtime Sunshine closing song.


STORYTIME YOGA FOR YOGI KIDS - 45 MIN ($65/one class, $55/multiple classes)

Yoga classes are geared for the high energy and creative nature of children, ages 3-6 and 7-12.  We center and calm our hearts, warm up our bodies and then jump into our yoga story/adventure.  Through animal and nature poses, children stretch, balance and move energetically, all the while listening to incredible stories and imagining the world.  Yoga can help children relax, destress and have fun!  Classes often include a meditation and/or new breathing technique as well and last 45 minutes long.


CREATIVITY YOGA FOR YOGI KIDS - 45 MIN ($65/one class, $55/multiple classes)

Yoga classes for children ages 3-6 and 7-12 and are 45 minutes long.  Classes for this group are intended to help children develop a home practice.  Yogi Kids begin learning how to incorporate their breath into postures, how to engage different muscles, and how to become more aware of their bodies in space!  They play yoga games, create yoga stories, and begin teaching their friends postures.  Yogi kids classes include tuning in, yoga gametime, silent reflective journaling, and meditative mantra coloring as well as some basic pranayama (breathwork) tools and small group and partner meditations.  Classes are a social, fun and dynamic way for Yogi Kids to increase self awareness and a positive connection with others.




Teen Yoga - 60 MIN ($75/one class, $65/multiple classes)

If you are interested in private or small group classes please contact her at to find out more information.  


Teen Yoga  ( 1 hour)- Teen yoga is available for young adults ages 13-17 and is 60 minutes long.  It is an active Hatha practice that teaches principles of foundation and alignment as well as breath and flow of poses.  Teen yoga is great for young people who are looking for active movement and to unite body, mind and breath.


Family Yoga


Parent & Baby Yoga 60 MIN ($75/one class, $65/multiple classes)

This class builds the baby-parent (mom, dad, partner, caretaker) connection. And, you get to release, relax and recharge yourself. Say Yes for yourself and your baby!

Babies up to crawling are welcome.


MOM & TOT YOGA - 60 MIN ($75/one class, $65/multiple classes)

Come enjoy a creative, grounding and dynamic flow of yoga postures linked with breath for Mamas and their children.  Crawlers, walkers, Moms, Dads and siblings welcome.  Toys and extra mats provided for children in attendance.  Classes are geared to adults with the opportunity for children to play together and/or join in.  This experience is meant to encourage relaxation, increase energy and community, and engage in an uplifting flow of prana for parents and their children!


FAMILY & STORYTIME YOGA - 60 MIN ($75/one class, $65/multiple classes)

Yoga for all ages! ... Liz's family yoga classes are filled with songs, games and stories partner and group exercises, with yoga postures throughout.  She incorporates different lessons into her stories, such as helpfulness, kindness, generosity & friendship using animals and nature in her stories to inspire imagination and play with families.  Classes can end with an art project or game as well as a closing song.  Liz uses guided meditations and relaxations to encourage a continuation of meditation through creativity in everyday life.  She invites you to join in for an amazing opportunity for parents and children to unite and let love abound together through yoga!


Are you interested in booking a class for your school, home or studio space?  Please contact Liz with any questions regarding dates/times and prices.  
(512) 785-4897