Discovering My Stillness As I Moved

Since I was a little girl, I was completely curious about what lay around the next corner.  I would hop on my purple bike with it's tassels, banana seat and bell, and I would ride around the open neighborhoods or into the nearby woods. I was always looking for the next fantastic adventure and often my friends and I found it! At 16, I traded in my bike for a car, and wings to fly to freedom couldn't have made me more ecstatic.  

Now I travel regularly, on any mode of transportation that will do the trick!  From Camels, Trains, Houseboats, Taxis, Motorcycles, and Rickshaws in India, to Elephants, Cabs and Buses in Nepal, to Tuk Tuks in Cambodia, to my Car around the Great U.S. of A, I found my home as I moved.  Enjoy my collage of pics from the last few years and read more here at my blog.  If you would like regular updates or to find out how to travel with me sign up for my quarterly newsletter here. Blessings to you on your journey thru life and thanks for being a part of mine!  xo Liz Shakti

Click on the different colored pins to see pics and read about where I traveled!