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Fundamentals of Teaching Kids & Family Yoga

This online training gives you the foundation you need to start teaching kids and family yoga right away. It explores: 

  • Incorporating mindfulness into movement and activities

  • Telling yoga stories that children LOVE

  • Integrating songs and chants

  • Yoga and mindfulness games

  • Meditation and relaxation

  • Creating a container for conscious community

  • Empowering and collaborating with children

  • And much more...


Learn to do Yoga with Your Kids!

Watch this short video of Liz as she shows you some tips to do yoga with your kids at home or in the classroom! Great for teachers, parents and other childcare givers who are interested in giving children tools for relaxation, mindfulness and creativity.





Welcome to the World: Babies to Preschool + Family

June 11th - 24th, 2022

​In this training you will explore: 

  • Learning to teach children ages 0-6 incorporating yogic elements such as: tuning in, asana, pranayama, meditation, and relaxation

  • Recognizing the cognitive, physical, emotional and energetic developmental stages for children (0-6 yrs)

  • Learning how to teach: Postnatal/Parent & Baby, crawlers, toddlers, preschool yoga classes, & Family Yoga classes

  • Learning yoga philosophy, best language practices, lifestyle, great business tips and ethics as it relates to teaching children in various settings.​


Envision & Manifest A Successful
Creative Conscious Business

Calling all Spiritual Entrepreneurs! This course is designed to help you envision and implement a successful and concrete plan of action for your conscious business! Join us for an 8 week, guided coaching program which takes you step by step to consciously manifest your dream business!

Online Yoga Practice & Study

Finding Balance with the Chakra System

Explore the chakras and how energy moves through the body through study, yoga, meditation and simple daily practices with this online self-guided course.

Students will learn how to recognize the way each energy center communicates around physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Begin to notice the imbalances and blockages as well as how to correct them and maintain equilibrium. 

This course contains videos with beautiful images and content, recorded yoga sets for each chakra center, Kundalini meditations, a chakra health quiz, journal prompts and printable chakra activity cards. 


Coming Soon!